The EIWCE (England Institute of World Chartered Economists) organizes induction courses for all newly admitted members and Graduates worldwide.

EIWCE, is the global professional body of Economics and Finance profession.
EIWCE forms academic alliance/mutual recognition with some prestigious universities in Europe, USA and Africa.

In every economic system, entrepreneurs and managers bring together resources, labour and technology to produce and distribute goods and services. In a free market economy most of the businesses are organized and driven by individuals. These are entrepreneurs who have skills and interest in many diverse industries are the once who take the ultimate decisions about what is produce, how it’s made and what it will cost.

Technology is accelerating every aspect of the free market system and through globalization our world is getting smaller and smaller causing rapid change and its profounding impact on everything from product and process innovation to how goods services are marketed and sold.

However, this market globalisation and fast pacing of doing business causes tremendous volatility and disruption, understanding the economics context of doing business, competitive market behavior, financial market and government economic policy will influence organisation which is critical of the success of every profit oriented business, non-profit or government enterprise.

The England Institute of World Chartered Economists (EIWCE) is dynamic and globally oriented institute offering professional education the focuses on the study of free market economics and international financial service.

Our programs combine expertise, academic and global business professionals. The best professional education technology, manual and interactive learning strategy.

The induction ceremony is usually rounded up with the issuance of certificates of membership to all the newly admitted members. In most cases seminars and workshop are organized to complement the induction program.