The key benefit for certification holders is obviously the ability to add a professional designation and post nominal to your list of resume qualifications and it can also be display on your business card, letter head, emails signature etc.

For most individuals certification is one of the key drives of membership and the pursuit of higher education through the CIWE acceptance programmes. However, other key benefits exist such as:

Access to one top graduate economics and financial professional networks around the globe providing the opportunity to network with charters and members throughout the world.

  • As part of the CIWE certification package, EIWCE members are to receive 50% scholarship to pursue a B.Sc, Masters, Doctorate in Taxation, Economics and Finance and Doctorates Degree at POMA International Business University
  • CIWE as part of its certification will engage in job training that’s bi-weekly brings together recruiters, alumni, students, employers and career experts through online Webinars Network with PIBU students and alumni employed by Big Firms, Banks, Multinational Companies and Governments: e.g. Dewey Lebouf, KPMG, Wells Fargo, Tyco and IRS.
  • As part of the EIWCE Certification members will be provided practical approach to Tax, Finance and Economics taught by Professionals and Revenue Officers that focuses on cutting edge developments like Pricing, Financial Instruments and International Estate Planning.
  • As part of the EIWCE certification students will be given free access to and training on the largest online library to tax/financial service databases of any institution globally, including compliance and planning software.
  • An online system that will confirm your membership and certification to employers or other interested parties.
  • Opportunity of being linked to some corporate bodies who request for specialist through the EIWCE Recruitment agency.